Purchase Terms and Agreement

The acquisition of digital products, encompassing sample packs, preset packs, and all other downloadable materials, is subject to the following terms and conditions. Consumers are strongly advised to review these carefully before making any purchase:


Payment & Refund Guidelines

Given that your purchase constitutes a digital product, it is considered 'used' upon download. Unlike physical items such as T-shirts, digital downloads cannot be returned. Therefore, all transactions conducted on are strictly non-refundable or exchangeable.



While exceptions to our no-refund policy are generally not made, we invite you to reach out to if you believe you have a legitimate case.


Reasoning Behind Our Policy

Our unwavering commitment to a no-refund policy for digital goods is supported by the thorough information provided on our product pages. From product demos to extensive descriptions and detailed feature sections at the bottom of each page, we make every effort to equip you with the necessary information. It is your responsibility to assess this information before placing orders, and refunds cannot be granted due to misunderstandings when the relevant information is clearly presented.


Delivery of Goods and Services

In the event that you do not receive the digital product link after making a purchase, please contact with your transaction/payment details. We will promptly assist you in resolving the matter.